Treating your problems

After assessing your problems and developing your treatment plan, Dr. Weatherall uses a combination of the following natural tools for treating your problems to return you to optimum function as soon as possible.

Note: If the problem falls outside of the scope of our care, Dr. Weatherall will refer you to the appropriate health care provider.

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Joint manipulative therapies

Chiropractic treatment

Joint manipulative therapies help restore normal motion to your spinal joints and other joints of your body. Normal joint movement is critical to the health of your joints. Abnormal joint movement may lead to pain, dysfunction, and premature joint degeneration. Two other major benefits of joint manipulation include pain relief and decreased muscle spasm.

Chiropractors and some other qualified practitioners use high-velocity, low amplitude (HVLA) thrust joint manipulation. Chiropractors refer to HVLA thrust manipulation as a chiropractic “adjustment,” spinal manipulative therapy (SMT), or simply chiropractic “manipulation.” Thrust manipulations are delivered using quick, short thrusts to the joints.

Over the years joint manipulation has undergone rigorous evaluation from chiropractic and other health profession researchers, and from the legislative, health care and scientific communities. This research has resulted in a significant body of evidence around the efficacy of chiropractic care and joint manipulation for musculoskeletal disorders such as back pain, neck pain and headache.

Joint “mobilization” therapy also helps restore normal joint motion. Mobilization is another type of joint manipulative therapy in which the therapist moves the joints in specific directions and depths with, or without, the patient’s assistance, to stretch the joint and its surrounding tissues.

Soft tissue therapies

Soft tissue (muscle, tendon, and ligament) therapies include stretching, exercise, and various forms of massage. This therapy helps reduce the muscle spasm, fluid accumulation, and scar tissue formed as a result of your injury or degenerative condition. Exercise therapy helps you regain strength and control of your injured body parts.

Associated therapies

Self care: postural relief position

Dr. Weatherall uses therapies such as heat and cold, electrical stimulation of the muscles, and ultrasound, to name a few. He often assigns special strengthening and movement exercises. Carefully applied associated therapies can decrease your pain and muscle spasm, increase circulation and muscle function, prevent swelling and scarring, and prevent your injuries from reoccurring.

Dr. Weatherall also provides custom foot orthotics to help treat biomechanical faults of the ankles and feet that may be causing pain and dysfunction at those locations or higher up in the body.

Nutrition and supplements

Nutrition is important for optimum health. Various forms of arthritic and soft tissue conditions can be reduced or resolved by adding the appropriate basic nutrients and simple, well researched supplements to the diet, or by removing the irritants provoking your problem. Enhanced healing of traumatic injuries is another common application of therapeutic nutrition.

Dr. Weatherall does not sell supplements. You can readily obtain them in local stores and pharmacies.

Patient education

Learning about your spine

Education is perhaps the most important tool Dr. Weatherall uses to treat and prevent pain and dysfunction.

Dr. Weatherall will show you how to take care of yourself at home and on the job to ensure your optimum health. Depending on the problem being treated, you’ll learn how to properly stretch, exercise, eat, work, and play, to obtain maximum therapeutic benefit and to stay healthy for life by taking an active role in your health care.