Custom foot orthotics

Dr. Weatherall offers high-quality custom made foot orthotics manufactured by The Orthotic Group (TOG) to help reduce the problems caused by improper ankle and foot function. TOG orthoticCustom made orthotics can play an integral role in the overall treatment of many problems of the spine and extremities. They can help increase mechanical efficiency at the ankle and foot to reduce abnormal biomechanical stress on the body by stimulating and maintaining proper ankle and foot joint function and by preventing excess motion and increasing shock absorption. They may also be used as a vehicle for permanent internal lifts to correct leg length inequalities to improve overall body biomechanics.

When making orthotics for you, Dr. Weatherall analyzes your gait, perform associated  examinations, make impression castings of your feet, and then send your castings to TOG along with any special recommendations for additions or changes to the orthotic. The Orthotic Group uses the casts and additional information to produce a custom orthotic for you.

Custom foot orthotics are covered in whole or part by most supplemental insurance plans. Prescription and dispensing rights for orthotics varies, so be sure to check what your plan covers.

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