Disc injuries

Dr. Vic Weatherall
December 2014

Intervertebral disc injuries are one of the most common reasons for people seeking chiropractic treatment. Increased loading on the spine due to prolonged and faulty sitting postures may cause sprains (tears) of the outer fibers of the intervertebral disc. In more advanced disc injuries, the soft inner material (nucleus) of the disc may protrude into or even through the annular fibers of the disc, resulting in a herniated disc.

Although people often think disc injuries such as herniated discs are caused by a single traumatic event, they are usually commonly the product of slow mechanical degeneration. However, symptoms often appear following a traumatic event, which may appear to be trivial. Herniated discs can cause

  • leg pain and paresthesias down to the foot or sciatica, with or without back pain
  • weakness
  • walking difficulties

Depending on the severity and duration of the disc injury, chiropractors use several treatment tools including joint manipulative therapies, massage, exercise, and self-care activities to treat the problem. See also the article Acute low back injuries.

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